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Improve Load Carrying Capacity on Jointed Pavements and Random Cracks with Dowel Bar Retrofit Services

Extend the life of your infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure safer and smoother roads with dowel bar retrofit services from DSI. Over time, heavy traffic loads and environmental factors can lead to distress and deterioration of concrete surfaces, resulting in cracks, faulting, and rough, unsafe pavement. DBR addresses these issues by installing dowel bars across the joints or cracks to restore load transfer efficiency and improve pavement performance.

This highly effective, long-lasting solution has extended the life of many of our nation’s highways for an additional twenty to thirty years. The same technique can be used on pavements that were originally constructed with dowels but have since worn down or rusted causing the surface to lose its ability to transfer load through the dowels at the joint. The installation of dowel bars, accompanied by grinding, enhances the structural integrity of the pavement by distributing loads more effectively. The result – reduced cracking, decreased faulting, and improved ride quality, as well as driver comfort and safety.

Key Advantages of Dowel Bar Retrofit:

  • Safe, long-lasting solution
  • Reduced cracking and other structural deterioration
  • Enhanced durability and performance
  • Cost-effective alternative versus traditional repair methods
  • Increased ride quality and a better driving experience
  • Expert craftsmanship by experienced professionals
Dowel Bar Retrofit
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We were named one of the best construction contractors to work for in 2022. Created by a consortium of leading industry publications, including Equipment Today, Asphalt Contractor, and Pavement Maintenance & Construction, this nationwide survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in construction, benefiting the industry’s economy, workforce, and business.

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